Methadone addiction

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Methadone is a synthetic drug that belongs to the opiate group of drugs. It is highly addictive even after just a few uses. Self-treatment attempts, especially after a long-term methadone abuse, will not only be a waste of time, but can also have an extremely negative impact on health and can even result in irreversible health condition.

Methadone addiction treatment is among the main activities of the Renaissance-Inter clinic in Bulgaria. A severe abstinence syndrome characterizes drug withdrawal.

In case of methadone withdrawal patient experiences an extremely rough period, which can even result in a life-threatening issue.

Symptoms of withdrawal from methadone usually last three weeks. The first symptoms appear within a day and reach the abstinence peak on the 4th day of withdrawal. Symptoms appear on both the physical and psychological levels. Abstinence syndrome is characterized by a growing anxiety, unsubstantiated panic attacks, and sleep disorders, loss of appetite, muscle cramps and nausea.

Even at the initial stage of methadone withdrawal, many patients fail to withstand the abstinence symptoms and try to quench their thirst for methadone with anything that comes to hand. Hence, methadone addiction is most commonly accompanied by the use of other drugs and alcohol.

Starting methadone addiction treatment is actually the only way to save the addict and to bring her/him back to a normal life style.

Methadone addiction - Renaissance-Inter

In our clinic methadone detoxification is performed quickly efficiently and painlessly.

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