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The very first thing that doctors do is they remove the abstinence syndrome. All the clinic’s facilities and a medication-assisted treatment approaches are accessible and available for use. The duration of a patient’s withdrawal from this particular state can range from two to 10 days. It depends on the patient’s health condition.

It is crucial to understand that withdrawal from the abstinence state is not a cure for heroin addiction. The addiction actually may continue to persist. Treatment of physical dependence on heroin is just one part of the recovery process. The main problem associated with heroin addiction is psychological dependence. Hence, the treatment usually takes longer and must be performed under the strict supervision of specialists. Self-care for this particular drug addiction is impossible. Therefore, the patient will need to prepare her/himself for a constant communication with our specialists.

Heroin addiction is quite insidious. It is insidious because after years of rehab former heroin addicts may start to take drugs repeatedly. That is why these patients need a comprehensive treatment approach with a person-centered care. Up to date, the most effective way to treat heroin addiction is a rehabilitation process in which patient takes an active part.

After the rehabilitation period, the next step is to maintain sobriety and to prevent addiction relapse.

During the rehabilitation process in our clinic, the patient will learn a set of skills that will become part of his/her life. Experts will show the patient a new way of thinking, a new type of behavior. Once again, the rehabilitation process should involve an active participation of the patient. This will help him/her in gaining the ability to act wisely and become a full-fledged individual.

Heroin addiction - Renaissance-Inter

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