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Detoxification - Renaissance-Inter - addiction treatment center

Detoxification is a process that occurs naturally in the body or under the action of special therapeutic agents. Detoxification plays a crucial role in the removal of toxic substances accumulated in the body during the period of alcohol and drug abuse.

Therefore, the longer the dependence period lasts, the more toxic substances that interfere with the normal functioning of organs and systems accumulate in the body. Furthermore, the degree of poisoning is affected by many other factors and aspects. These include: amount of alcohol consumed per day or a daily drug dose, as well as the type of alcohol or drug used by an addict.

During treatment, specialists trigger the natural way of detoxification and successfully achieve purification of the patient’s body. In order to obtain the most favorable results, the therapeutic scheme is complemented by some additional curative techniques and practical methods of detoxification. These artificial triggers are able to activate a few detoxification pathways that are otherwise inactivated.

The detoxification procedure allows you to relieve the abstinence syndrome. It also greatly contributes to the improvement of the patient's condition within 3 to 7 days. Detoxification is carried out by our experienced specialists. It is not long-lasting, and does not cause any unpleasant sensations. During the whole procedure of detoxification, the patient stays in the most possible comfortable conditions.

Detoxification - Renaissance-Inter

Detoxification is an integral part of the therapeutic scheme in case of alcohol and drug addiction. At the same time, many other equally effective methods are used simultaneously for this purpose.

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