There are two types of detoxification: natural where the body rids itself of toxins and medically assisted detoxification, and medical detox. We perform a comprehensive double detoxification, stimulating body’s natural processes of cleansing itself and when necessary administering medical detoxification for patients with severe withdrawal symptoms.

Elimination of abstinence syndrome via detoxification takes three to seven days. Experienced staff members perform this painless and swift procedure is done in a comfortable environment.

Detoxification is a first step in recovery from substance abuse. The risk of a relapse is almost 100% for those who choose to stop at this level without undergoing further rehabilitation treatment. That is why we offer comprehensive rehabilitation program, with recovery course being the next step.

At all stages of the alcohol or drug addiction treatment, we utilize individual approach and take into account patient’s preferences. After successful completion of detoxification, our patients take their first steps towards sobriety and it’s our task to support them along the way.

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