Amphetamine addiction

Amphetamine addiction - Renaissance-Inter - addiction treatment center

Amphetamine (aka “speed”) usually comes as a yellowish powdery substance. It may also come as pills or crystals. Amphetamine abusers usually ingest it orally or may choose intravenous or intranasal administration.

Amphetamine is considered to be a quick drug. Chemically it is similar to cocaine. However, these two act in a slightly different manner. Compared to cocaine, amphetamine is much stronger as a stimulant but is characterized by a weaker physical dependence afterwards. On the other hand, the psychological dependence in amphetamine abusers is quite severe and represents the main problem of these patients.

Amphetamines actually represent a group of drugs. There is a wide range of variants of this drug with multiple names both chemical and medical. Methamphetamines as amphetamine derivatives can also be mentioned here but these have stronger effect, which last longer.

Amphetamine addiction - Renaissance-Inter

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