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Ibogaine Treatment - Renaissance-Inter - addiction treatment center

Ibogaine is unique, derived from nature remedy that has been used in medical practice since ancient times. Starting from the middle of the last century American and then the European scientists plunged into an intensive investigation of the iboga extract as a remedy for drug addiction and mental disorders. Ibogain possesses strong psychedelic properties and is able to ease withdrawal symptoms. Plus, this therapeutic agent is able to modulate the eradication of the subconscious yearnings.

However, all the efficacy of ibogaine has not turned it into a common or a widely approved medication for drug addiction and alcoholism. This is primarily due to the difficulties in the legislative base of the majority of countries. Yet, at a number of clinics in USA, Europe, the Netherlands etc., Ibogain is successfully applied as a part of a therapeutic scheme. The effectiveness of this pharmaceutical agent in such cases as chemical dependence or mental disorder is undoubtable.

Certainly, Ibogaine cannot be considered a panacea with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. However, a combination of Ibogain therapy with some other pharmaceutical drugs, complemented by a psycho correction and rehabilitation program, as a matter of fact significantly improves the effectiveness of the treatment.

The Ibogaine treatment procedure itself requires a highly qualified and experienced psychotherapist. A thorough examination of the patient both diagnostic and laboratory is also obligatory. With a proper use of this medicament, the treatment process is quite safe and free from the negative effects. Ibogaine is believed to play a role of enhancer in the action of other pharmaceuticals. Any opioid dose or cocaine abuse while undergoing Ibogaine treatment results in severe side effects.

Ibogaine Treatment - Renaissance-Inter

Therefore, before the procedure, each patient undergoes a mandatory drug test in our clinic.

Here, at the Renaissance-Inter center in Bulgaria, we advise patients not use Ibogaine treatment if they are suffering from acute drug intoxication. There are many other therapeutic methods out there that are more suitable for this particular case.

It was noticed that the greatest positive result of Ibogaine treatment is achieved when therapy is combined with the investigation of underlying psychosocial and personal causes of drug addiction.

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