Ibogaine treatment

Ibogaine is a unique natural remedy that has been used since the ancient times. Since 1950s an intensive study and application of iboga extract in the treatment of alcohol/drug addiction and mental disorders began in the USA and Europe. The drug has strong psychedelic properties, reduces discontinuation syndrome, and also affects subconscious causes of addiction.

Despite Ibogaine’s efficiency in addiction treatment, it has not found wide use due to difficulties in drug legislation of most countries. However, use of Ibogaine in a number of European clinics conclusively proved its value in the treatment of substance abuse.  It has a profound effect on solving personal and psychosocial causes of drug addiction.

Ibogaine treatment works best when conducted in combination with pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy and comprehensive rehabilitation program.

Administration of Ibogaine treatment requires a highly skilled and experienced psychotherapist and is only done after careful diagnostic of the patient. When properly done, the process is quite safe with minimal negative effects. A negative drug blood test prior to procedure is compulsory as Ibogaine increases the effect of other drugs.

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