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dependence treatment center Renaissance-Inter Our addiction treatment center is situated in Varna, a modern and beautiful city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The unique location offers the opportunity of relaxation and comfort, which in turn greatly contributes to the success of rehabilitation, body and soul recovery program provided in our clinic.

Wide range of services provided

Our primary focuses are:

  • Drug addiction
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Gaming addiction
  • Internet addiction
  • Depression (Major Depressive Disorder)
  • Phobias, Neuroses, Panic Attacks

The reasons why you should choose us:

1) Security

The clinic ensures complete safety of our clients and patients 7 days a week, 24 hours a day providing a high level of protection. In particular round-the-clock security guarantees, inaccessibility of the clinic facilities to both unauthorized access and banned psychoactive substances.

2) Precise specialization of our Clinic

Most clinics and medical centers offer services in the treatment of wide range diseases, which makes it impossible for them to focus on a particular specialization. It is understood that the narrower specialization is associated with higher professional standards and ultimately leads to an increased treatment efficiency. Over the years, we have been improving the quality of our work in a precise area of addiction treatment.

3) Wide range of services provided

In order to provide a comprehensive assistance to the patients, we managed to combine all the necessary services in one place. Our patients do not need to move from clinic to clinic from one drug center to another, while undergoing detoxification followed by rehabilitation, anti-craving medication therapy, re-socialization, ibogaine treatment, etc.
Equipped with all the required resources, methods, and techniques, our specialists do all the work needed to provide a successful treatment of wide range addictions.

4) Price

Considered elsewhere elite, the addiction treatment in our clinic is cost-effective. We actually managed to make this type of service provided within the European Union affordable for anyone. Compared to the popular clinics in Russia, Israel, Switzerland, Germany and USA, our prices are two to five times lower than those mentioned above, wherein the treatment quality is at the same level or even higher. You can easily compare the prices on the internet. Without a doubt, you will remain pleasantly surprised with the low prices we offer.

5) We work with unmotivated people

From the very first day, our patients are surrounded by the careful attention of Renaissance-Inter Clinic’s staff. We managed to turn the ordinary treatment into a pleasant and enjoyable activity. According to EU standard for hotels, living conditions and the level of comfort at our clinic corresponds to a four-star hotel. All our rooms both single and double are equipped with everything needed for a comfortable stay: climate control system, private bathroom, terrace, satellite TV, Internet. European cuisine along with the traditional Bulgarian food, gym, outdoor swimming pool, multiple terraces and sea views, BBQ facilities and a playground, walking, water and cycling trips, beach and seashore leisure possibilities, SPA procedures and treatments, a range of massages, thermal swimming pool, tours and excursions to explore the most interesting sights of Bulgaria — all these are nicely and effectively combined with the treatment program.
All of our activities are strictly regulated by the European Union law, which guarantees safety and high quality of the offered services. The rehabilitation center team is a highly skilled group of professionals in various fields of addiction treatment. Considerable work experience and high personal motivation of our staff ensures the opportunity of each patient to achieve a positive treatment result.

Treatment program includes:

  • Diagnostics
  • Detoxification (painless withdrawal)
  • Rehabilitation
  • Social adaptation
In order to reach the most stable treatment results, our patients are advised to pass through a complex of stages on their walk from the depths of addiction to the recovery and promise of long-term abstinence. However, we do allow each patient to choose the most suitable therapy option for them as well as the recovery program duration.
Our clinic offers to patients and their relatives a wide range of service packages that differ in the duration of treatment (from one week to several months), the repertoire of eventual treatment, as well as flexible pricing. All mentioned accelerates the onset of relief and addiction recovery. In addition, it prevents our patients and their relatives from exceeding their budget.

We offer a wide range of services. The most popular among them are:

  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Alcohol cravings control
  • Drug cravings control
  • Physiotherapy
  • Group and individual psychotherapy
You may acquire all the offered services not only in the clinic, but also outside our treatment facility. We strictly protect your privacy and anonymity.

If you have any questions just call us at:
+359 89 8620 661