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Alcoholism represents a complex and progressive disease that is chronic in nature. Alcohol abuse negatively affects all aspects of human life. Usually it takes a lot of time and effort in order to get rid of this particular type of addiction And in pursuance of a positive treatment result. An integrated therapeutic approach is needed. Therapy should contribute not only to the improvement of biological and psychological aspects of patient’s health, but also should positively modulate his/her ability for social adaptation afterwards.

What’s important…? No matter what kind of addiction a patient is facing, whether it be alcoholism, drug addiction or any other type of addiction, the sooner the treatment starts the greater the chance of a successful and complete recovery. Treatment scheme is subdivided into a several consequent stages. During the whole period of treatment. The patient is provided with a qualified medical and psychological assistance. After the successful addiction therapy patients tend to change their life goals, revise their moral principles and start a new life without alcohol.

Apart from that, addiction therapy is also able to restore all the organ functions affected by the alcohol abuse. The therapy also positively affects the whole-body metabolism, including neurotransmitter metabolism as well as the endorphin production.

Alcoholism - Renaissance-Inter

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