Social adaptation


The effectiveness of any in-patient rehabilitation program is determined after the patient leaves the clinic. Length of patient’s remission, their ability to effectively solve problems, harmonious development and achieving goals are all indicators of program effectiveness.

Therefore, here at “Renaissance-Inter” we believe that the social adaptation stage is an integral art of the addiction treatment program. Knowledge and motivation are not sufficient for a complete change of addictive behavior. It's necessary to acquire new skills for a sober lifestyle, which is only possible outside of clinic’s walls.

Unfortunately risk of relapse remains in any patient’s recovery, but it can be minimized. We have developed a number of techniques that assist our patients with smooth re-entrance into society and maintain constant contact with them. 42% of our patients that adhere to individual sobriety plan, follow specialists’ recommendations, work with other recovering addicts and regularly see a therapist have reported remission length of longer than twelve months.

Individual plan of sobriety and personal development helps our patients in the following areas of life upon leaving our center:

  • Establish a system of values and base moral principles
  • Effectively manage time and personal finances
  • Maintain transparency in all their actions
  • Schedule their day and implement healthy eating habits
  • Rebuild and develop mature interpersonal relationships
  • Obtain higher education from Varna Free University
  • Sustain spiritual growth
  • Create framework for successful goal achievement

Upon finishing all stages of rehabilitation process, our patients become mature self-sufficient individuals and it’s our objective to help them undergo this process.

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