An important element in the program of drug and alcohol treatment is the application of drug and alcohol blockers – Disulfiram, Vivitrol and Naltrexon. Blockers are medicaments that help patients suffering from alcohol or drug addiction maintain sobriety for a significant period of time, minimize probability of relapse and allow them to rebuild their lives.

We administer Naltrexon, Disulfiram and Vivitrol via intramuscular injections and hypodermic implantations that prolong effect from one month up to 18 months. Patients must abstain from alcohol and drug use for at least 7 days prior to procedure.

It's important to remember that these medicaments are not panacea in substance abuse treatment, but rather complement pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy and full rehabilitation program. Complete liberation form addiction is only possible through an integrated approach to substance abuse treatment and patient’s full compliance with individual sobriety plan and recommendations of therapist.

Length of effect of alcohol blockers and opioid antagonists ranges from one month up to 18 months.
Treatment fee depends on manufacturer, effectiveness length, method of administration and ranges from 250 to 1200 euros.

Our specialists will assist you in choosing the best aid taking into account all your wishes and preferences.

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