Naltrexone implant

Naltrexone (Naltrexonum) refers to opium antagonists, drugs that block the opiate receptors. Analogues are known by means of the following trademarks: Antakson,Vivitrol, Naloxone hydrochloride, Naltrexone PV, Narcan, Narkanti, Revia, etc.

Pharmacological group: Pure opioid receptor antagonist.
Indications for use: Alcohol and drug addiction, prevents relapse in conjunction with therapy and long-term treatment.
Pharmacological action of Naltrexone medicament:
Once inside the body, Naltrexone causes insensitivity of receptors responsible for feeling of euphoria from alcohol or drugs.

Without receiving expected pleasure from drugs, patient discontinues now meaninglessness of the use of ethanol, opiates, alcohol or morphine. Psychological and physical dependence on drugs, alcohol, which has been observed previously, disappear.  Having achieved positive result rom Naltrexone treatment, it’s recommended to continue its use to prevent future relapses.

Naltrexone is administered via subcutaneous drug delivery device in the form of implantable pill. This method is effective for long-term treatment, most of which will take place outside of rehabilitation center. Naltrexone is administered only the after patient shows a negative drug blood test having undergone abstinence for over 10 days.

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