International Association Renaissance was founded in 1998 and since then we have developed, perfected and patented our own unique approach to addiction treatment.

We consider addiction to be a complex disease that negatively affects biological, psychological, spiritual and social spheres of human development. That is why our holistic treatment methodology is focused on restoration of all aspects of self, thereby making the person whole again.

Treatment program is comprised of several stages that include detoxification, rehabilitation and social adaptation. Additional remedies such as ibogaine treatment, alcohol blockers and drug receptor antagonists are also offered.

We utilize individual approach for each patient, customizing treatment plans and time spent in the clinic - each modality is judged by our copyrighted “Criteria of Patient Recovery” to ensure positive outcome.  Our clinic guarantees full confidentiality, anonymity and can satisfy the pickiest of VIP clients.

We have developed and successfully tested our unique rehabilitation methodology having amassed years of field experience and studied the newest discoveries in addiction treatment.

For us there are no “hopeless cases”, we work with the most forlorn clinical patients and achieve positive outcome.

Our program includes the following concepts
  • Taking into account each patient’s unique needs and customizing individual treatment options for them
  • Holistic approach to treatment – we believe that each person consists of physical, spiritual, psychological and social spheres of influence, therefore the rehabilitation program must be diverse.
  • Utilizing our copyrighted “Criteria of Patient’s Recovery” to analyze the dynamic of rehabilitation process for each client.
  • Ensuring the integrity of the program, specifically advancement of each client from detoxification to rehabilitation to social adaptation stages. The highest numbers of relapses take place during the transition between these stages.
  • We have developed a number of techniques that make transition from inpatient rehabilitaiton to social adaptation smoothly and with minimal risk. Application of these concepts has increased efficiency of the program up to 42%.


Criteria of patient's recovery
  1. The patient is able to recognize, analyze and correct his mistakes.
  2. The patient is responsible for his decision and actions. Does not blame others for own mistakes.
  3. The patient accepts criticism and understands that it could lead to self-improvement.
  4. The patient is able to establish and maintain intrapersonal relationships.
  5. The patient is able to remain true to his purpose regardless of emotional state.
  6. The patient is changing models of his behavior from "consumer" to more effective "creator" model.
  7. The patient draws energy, strength, and inspiration from everyday life.

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