For convenience of our clients we have developed different treatment packages that save money and swiftly achieve desired result. However, for best outcome we recommend a phone consultation with a specialist during which we can make an assessment based on symptoms, different criteria, and individual characteristics prior to your arrival.

Recommended for:

  • People who unsuccessfully underwent substance abuse treatment multiple times and are in the final phase of alcohol and substance dependence
  • With heavy chemical intoxication and high tolerance to substances
  • Individuals with chronic diseases and significant complications related to substance abuse
  • People with considerable emotional disorders, little motivation for sobriety and marginal social adaptability
  • With notable problems in professional and family lives

Package "Long" allows you to:

  • Painlessly rid yourself of substance withdrawal symptoms
  • Clean body of toxins and decomposition products of psychoactive substances (double detoxification)
  • Completely get rid of physical and psychological dependency on alcohol or drugs
  • Undergo pharmacotherapy course of Naltrexon, Vivitrol, Disulfiram administered via implant or an intra-muscular injection. This is recommended to secure remission and prevent relapse, medication has effect up to 12 months.
  • Fully recover physically and emotionally from substance abuse
  • Eliminate somatic complications related to addiction and diminish aggravation of chronic diseases
  • Analyze causal events and undergo relapse prevention course
  • Lower stress level, normalize sleep pattern, recover strength and heal damaged family relationships

Package “Long” includes:

-Full body laboratory and diagnostic testsTreatment of chronic diseases and disorders related to substance abuse
-Full pharmacotherapy support
-Physical rehabilitation, addiction psychology sessions, “Personality Development” trainings
-Social adaptation program, post-rehabilitation support
-Psychological assessment  and in-depth cognitive behavioral therapy sessions
-Psychotherapy, group and family therapy
-Consultations with psychologist and psychotherapists and their recommendations
-Extended physiotherapy complex (massage, SPA, fitness sessions, sauna, thermal baths)
-Assistance with visa acquisition and ticket purchasing
-Transfer from Varna airport to the clinic
-Assistance with booking hotel accommodations for relatives


  • Detoxification (painless and supervised period of alcohol and drug withdrawal)
  • Ibogaine treatment
  • Implantation of opioid receptor antagonists and antabuse agents such as Naltrexon, Disulfiram, Vivitrol with validity length up to 12 months.
  • Coding by Dovzhenko method (emotional-stress therapy)

Starts from Euro 3000 +
Our specialists are standing by to assist you in choosing the right package, please call 1 (877) 387-2817


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