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Addiction treatment center “Renaissance-Inter” is located in the resort area of Varna, on the second shoreline away from the beach. Center location was strategically picked based on factors that contribute the most to swift recovery and alleviate the problems that our patients face. These factors are:

  • Time spent away from home – relocation to another country isolates the person from the environment of substance dependence and lowers the risk of relapse.
  • Bulgarian climate – Bulgaria is rightfully proud of its mild and sunny seaside climate and clean healing air.
  • Ecologically clean area – Bulgaria is the only European country that doesn’t have an industrial pollutant on its territory.
  • Serene location of the center – “Renaissance-Inter” is set in a tranquil area surrounded by the forest and sea.

The center is comprised of two three-story villas built on a hill overlooking the sea, well away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Living amenities can be well compared with a modern hotel: our patients live in two and three person rooms with an en-suite bathroom, there’s also a fitness center, two pools, table tennis and a large grassy area for yoga and outside exercises.

We are especially proud of our kitchen – our chefs create tasty culinary concoctions from Bulgarian and European cuisine using fresh farm-to-table ingredients.

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